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Thesis on Using Video in ELT

Master's thesis on using Internet in ELT.

Review on Dave Sperling's Internet Guide.
(Vol. 5 No 3. NOVELTY)

Review on a CD called the "Virtuális Internet" [Virtual internet]
(Vol. 6. No 2-3 Modern Language Education)

"Collaborative Projects via the Internet" appeared in Teaching English with

Technology -A Journal for Teachers of English-. (Vol. 1, Issue 6 (November 2001)

and at MyEurope website

"The International day for Tolerance on 16 November, 2001".

"Webquests: blending learning philosophy and practise" appeared in Novelty -A journal of English Language Teaching and Cultural Studies in Hungary-. (Vol. 10. Number 1 (March 2003)

Team member of the "Using computers in teaching English" project. (March 2008) The project was commissioned by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture to provide hands-on guidance for teachers of English interested in using computers in their lessons. The project has yielded three products:

  • a film on DVD
  • an accompanying booklet
  • this website,, where all the materials of the DVD and the booklet can be downloaded free of charge