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Member on the international advisory board of the Myeurope project and the Spring Day in Europe project [2002 to present]

Member on the international advisory board of the FuturEnergia project andthe 50 years together project.

Co-ordinating committee member of AEC-NET projects AEC-NET projects

Member of the International ICT Teacher Trainers Group

Member of the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Science.

(Magyar Tudományos Akadémia - Veszprémi Területi Bizottsága (VEAB) Történet- és

Neveléstudományi Szakbizottság)

Associate Member of the E-help project (European Union, Socrates project)

Counterpart in the English Language Fellowship Program (Regional English Language office, Budapest) in 2005

Member of Taking It Global global youth action community.

Hungarian Project Manager of MUDRANET, the Mura-Drava cross-border network for intercultural learning project in 2005-2006.

Member and facilitator of the AEC-NET projects at

Hungarian project co-ordinator of the Saving our Energy... Saving our Future project, which is a Comenius school partnership project (2008-2010).

Project on "Europe? I believe in it" [2002]

Short summary:

The project "Europe? I believe in it", was organized by an association which pursues an activity of European promotion, the Centro di coordinamento Info Eurogente in Benevento (Italy) and enjoyed the financial support of the European Commission. The objective of the project was to increase students' awareness of the values which inspired the construction of united Europe and which still determine its choices in view of further enlargement. Five conferences were held: 2002. 20 January, Morcone; 3 February, Duino; 23 February, Nagykanizsa; 9 March, Valetta, Malta; 30 March, Brighouse High School,Great Britain.

International Project Spring Day in Europe 2003 held in Nagykanizsa

Short summary:

The event took place in Nagykanizsa on 21st March, organized by János Blasszauer. There were representatives from National Government, including Dunai Péter from the European Union information section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from local government including the Mayor, Litter Nándor.

There were over three hundred students involved in different events on the day such as the Public Speaking Competition which was of a very high standard.

See picks at and at and video at

International Project Spring Day in Europe 2004 project

Short summary

In our school the Spring Day spirit has triggered various programs such as a student exchange program, an EU quiz contest, a traditional pen-pal exchange project with a Turkish school (Bati College), peace bell ringing, and a visit to an international youth conference held in Malta.

Our school got an invitation to the opening of the EuroCentre at the Junior College in Malta (21 March). The opening of the centre was marked with an international conference of students and teachers coming from seven European countries. Each delegation consisted of a teacher and three students. The conference was entitled "Youth for a New Europe. Making a Difference". I prepared and accompanied the Hungarian delegation.