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Professional Driving Licence.

Certificate of attending British Council Summer course and in-service courses.

Certificate of attending a five-day intensive in-service course organized by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in co-operation with the Society for the Dissemination of Science (TIT).

Certificate of fulfilling the requirements of the Course Planning course organized by the British Council.

Certificate of attending the international ICT Teacher Trainers Workshop (4 -10 July 2001, Prague, Czech Republic)).

Certificate of attending the second international ICT Teacher Trainers Workshop (29th April to 3rd May 2002, Poznan, Poland) The theme was "ICT in ELT: form Technology to Pedagogy".

Certificate of fulfilling the Trainers' Training Course (becoming a multiplicator entitled to run accredited courses to teachers on the new English school leaving exam) (2003, Kecskemet). I have run such courses in Szombathely, Kaposvár and Nagykanizsa.